Network PT

Network Penetration Testing

Uncover vulnerabilities and fortify your network’s security against potential threats.

Strengthen your network’s defenses by uncovering vulnerabilities with comprehensive Network Penetration Testing

Fortify your network

Dive deep into your network, pinpointing vulnerabilities before they become targets.

Spot security oversights

Discover hidden pitfalls like misconfigurations, weak access points, and lagging updates.

Measure defense efficacy

Gauge the strength of security barriers, from firewalls to intrusion prevention systems.

Prioritize risks intelligently

Determine the impact and probability of potential threats to implement effective security measures.

Uphold industry standards

Consistently demonstrate adherence to regulations, preserving trust with stakeholders and staying compliant.

Secure your organization’s network with expert penetration testing from reconnaissance to remediation

Gathering insights

Mapping out your network, identifying vital elements like IP addresses and open ports to inform targeted testing.

Manual & automated scans:
Uncovering vulnerabilities

Using both cutting-edge tools and a hands-on approach to pinpoint vulnerabilities, ensuring no blind spots are left unaddressed for potential exploits.

Attack simulation

Simulating real-world attacks to pressure-test your system, identifying weak areas requiring immediate attention.

Testing resilience

Evaluating network resilience by solidifying access via backdoors, stealth accounts, and log alterations.

Reporting & remediation:
Actionable insights

Delivering a focused report on vulnerabilities and remedies, followed by a reassessment to confirm enhanced security.

Ensure network security with SISA’s tailored, multi-layered penetration tests for a resilient cyber defense

Uncover network and OS layer attacks including advanced threats and vulnerabilities

Network/OS Layer Attacks

Layer 2 Attacks

Layer 3 Attacks

Advanced Attacks

Why choose SISA for Network Penetration Testing?

  • Group-412.png
    PCI SSC authorized Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV).
  • Group-413.png
    Accredited as PCI QSA, PA QSA, PCI ASV, P2PE-QSA, PFI, and VISA Approved PCI PIN Security Assessor.
  • Group-414.png
    Core PFI, proficient in investigating payment frauds in 40+ countries worldwide.
  • Group-415.png
    70+ certified penetration testers equipped with industry-standard certifications including CISSP, CISA, ISO 27001, OSCP, CPSA, ASV, eJPT, CRTP, CEH, and ECSA.
  • Group-416.png
    State of the art R&D facility using advanced tools for simulating diverse attack scenarios, rigorously testing security measures in a controlled environment.
  • Group-417.png
    CERT empaneled organization and a leading name in penetration audits.
  • Group-418.png
    Recognized by CREST for both penetration testing and vulnerability assessment services.
  • Group-419.png
    Integration of forensic-driven learnings into testing techniques.

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