SISA Top 5 Forensics-driven Learnings 2020

As the world moves ahead in its digital transformation journey, the cyber threat landscape started becoming sophisticated. Threat actors are behind organizations to exploit vulnerabilities and disrupt operations.

Thousands of financially motivated cyberattacks are taking place every year, and the global average cost for data breaches has reached to nearly 3.9 million USD between 2019 and 2020.

To add to the existing problems, the current COVID-19 situation made things even vulnerable, as global organizations started embracing work from home solutions and turn to cloud-based tools. The mass remote working movement became an opportunity to threat actors.

Being a leading forensics investigator, SISA investigated numerous cybersecurity breaches to understand respective root causes, provide necessary remediation, and reduce the impacts on organizations.

With a clear insight into the pattern of attacks and organizational preparedness to tackle cyber threats, we encapsulated our knowledge into “SISA Top 5 Forensic Driven Learnings 2019-2020”.

We believe that sharing our forensic driven learnings would help companies like yours to understand the current threat landscape, redefine existing security architecture, and reduce the attack surface.

In this report, we look back at the Top 5 forensic driven learnings from our data breach investigation experiences. Also, we discuss the major factors responsible for data breaches on global organizations and uncover vulnerabilities that resulted in exploitation, and give remediation to abate cyber threats.

Download “SISA Top 5 Forensic Driven Learnings 2020” report to dwell deeper into SISA’s forensics driven cybersecurity learnings

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