SISA helps a leading bank in the Middle East achieve PCI DSS compliance for branches in Egypt and Qatar

The client is one of the oldest banking institutions in the Middle East with a history of 50+ years. The Central Bank mandate and the regulatory requirements of the region necessitated the bank to achieve PCI DSS compliance. However, as it was the first instance of PCI DSS certification at the branches in Egypt and Qatar, the lack of awareness and well-defined processes presented operational challenges.

SISA kicked off the engagement by performing a detailed assessment of the current state of their infrastructure and worked closely with the bank’s team to identify areas that needed improvement. Based on the recommendations and remediation actions that SISA shared, the bank embarked on a comprehensive redesign of infrastructure, which helped achieve a notable reduction in security vulnerabilities and put them on track to seamlessly transition to PCI DSS 4.0 ahead of schedule.

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Case Study-SISA helps Middle East bank achieve PCI DSS compliance in Egypt and Qatar
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