Reinforcing email security by building an improved security architecture

Emails are one of the most popular communication channels and millions of business emails are being transferred every single day. Email servers act as repositories to handle incoming and outgoing emails and therefore, lack of robust email security can be a challenge in protecting potentially sensitive data.

With an increase in the importance of emails in business communication, valuable email data became a target to cyber attackers. From sending phishing emails with malicious links and attachments to brute forcing into email servers, cyber fraudsters consider emails as the weakest links that favor their intrusion.

Not to mention, a majority of data breaches happening today are through malicious emails. Even a tiny gap in email security architecture can lead to the intrusion of cyber attackers into the security layers of an organization. Hence, data-driven organizations must remember the importance of email security and continuously focus on building an improved security architecture.


The case study describes how a health care giant faced challenges in implementing email server security and spam filtering mechanisms. Then, it narrates, how SISA’s threat hunting team identified and mitigated the issue in record time. In addition, the case study lists the closure points suggested by SISA’s S-SOC Team and explains how mitigation measures helped the organization in establishing robust email security thereby building an improved security architecture.

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Case Study - Reinforcing Email Security by Building an Improved Security Architecture
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