SISA’s cloud-based MDR solution helps Paytia improve threat monitoring and incident response

Paytia, a specialist payment service provider in the UK and USA, was looking for an effective event monitoring solution to detect internal and external threats. And as they were dealing with sensitive customer data, they also required setting up a File Integrity Monitoring-based protection and securing all the cloud assets. Paytia partnered with SISA to help them secure their environment and meet compliance requirements.

Following a PCI DSS certification and VAPT initially, SISA expanded the scope of the contract to include SOC services for both on-premises and cloud environment. The services included implementation of SISA ProACT, a NextGen cloud-based MDR solution, with 250+ use cases for improved threat detection.

SISA’s solution enabled 24/7 monitoring of all critical cloud-based assets, while the mean time to detect (MTTD) has been significantly reduced to <30 minutes.


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Case Study-MDR solution helps Paytia improve threat monitoring
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