Emotet Malware

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Emotet, the Trojan designed to steal payment data from banks, back in 2014 has now evolved into a highly destructive malware to date. Since the start of 2019 (to today), cybersecurity analysts have been identifying endless emotet activity across the globe.

The designers of emotet malware seem to be adding a series of malicious modules to the malware. Besides, the persistence and the ability to launch third-party malware are making emotet imperishable.

The former banking Trojan is not letting out anyone from the jaws of its menace. Unlike targeted attacks, the malware has been spreading via phishing emails to intrude into the endpoints of every individual.

Security researchers have found out that over 61% of malware delivered via email in 2019 consisted emotet malware. The shocking emotet statistics are a warning sign to organizations to be cautious towards emotet detection and prevention.

The advisory covers complete details about the recent development concerning emotet malware and details out security best practices to emotet’s detection and prevention. Also, the advisory lists down various malicious functionalities of the malware, how a typical emotet email looks, and how the new evolution made the malware to be the most destructive code snippet to date.

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Advisory - Emotet Malware
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