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SISA Canvas - Edition - 01 September 2022

In the wake of high-speed digital transformation across industries, it is safe to say that data is now in our DNA. Businesses with multi-cloud environments and hybrid working models are natural hoarders of sensitive data. This surge in data brings new data protection complexities and challenges, for organizations, big or small.

Amidst the lurking threats, one way to minimize risk and uncertainty, is to have ongoing conversations about cybersecurity.

SISA brings you “CANVAS” – Our flagship cybersecurity magazine. This magazine is our endeavor to spotlight the challenges, strategies, and opportunities within the cybersecurity industry. The goal is to understand the current and think beyond the next attack to create resilient and secure systems.

The magazine features power-packed conversations with industry leaders, within the cybersecurity industry. These discussions provide a peek into the minds of influential cybersecurity experts who not only highlight relevant trends and provide insights but are at the forefront of innovation that is pushing the industry forward, so it stays a step ahead and outwits cyber-attacks.

In its first edition, we bring you insights and perspectives offered on data security approaches and strategies. We look at data protection implementation challenges, unique data protection frameworks, security controls and best practices, among others.

We hope you find this edition an insightful read, as you navigate the technological and regulatory headwinds.

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