SAARC Webinar: Why Discovering Your Sensitive Data is More Important Than Ever?

About the webinar

In yet another data breach, 3.25 lakh records of an India-based wallet including emails, phone numbers, bank details, and PAN numbers were exposed on the Dark Web.

The Indian cybersecurity fraternity wonders, “What is the reason for such breaches involving the exposure of sensitive data?”

The threat is real. Sensitive data is everywhere; on-premises, in transit, and in the cloud, from data warehouses and servers to endpoints, email exchanges, and desktops. It is virtually impossible to gauge the location of sensitive data.

During the webinar, we discussed on:

  • Stories of data breaches in the Fintech industry
  • Evolving regulations and sensitive data
  • Data classification and how it promotes data discovery
  • Solution for sensitive data discovery (Featuring SISA RADAR)
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