Webinar: Threat Hunting – A Quick Guide for Analyzing Dynamic Threat Environments

About the webinar

With the new types of cyber threats looming, added by the evaporation of IT boundaries, the effectiveness of traditional security axioms has reduced.

Boards and senior management often ask their cybersecurity teams, “Are you noticing any new threats to our business?” But the odds of hunting threats are stacked against the cybersecurity teams as threat environments are more dynamic than defense solutions.

If you are maturing your threat hunting process, wanting to strengthen cybersecurity defense, or just studying the trends in existing threats and risks, this webinar is for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Intelligent monitoring and threat hunting
  • Resources required for threat hunting
  • Importance of network security monitoring
  • Role of IP and DNS in threat hunting
  • Threat hunting – best tools and technologies
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