webinar reinventing indian financial ecosystem with cryptocurrencies

Reinventing Indian Financial Ecosystem with Cryptocurrencies | A Cyber Security Approach

About the Webinar

“Digital transactions in India could be worth $1 trillion annually by 2025, with four out of every five transactions being made digitally.” – ACI Worldwide || AGSTTL

India is on a global path of shaping the way the world performs digital transactions which makes the adoption of digital currencies a necessity, resulting in the recognition of virtual digital assets in Union Budget 2022. Globally, 9 countries have fully launched digital currencies and RBI is following footsteps, planning to launch a digital rupee in FY 22-23.

This is expected to give a big boost to the digital economy.

You may be wondering

  • What is the need for it?
  • What are the cybersecurity challenges we should be prepared for?
  • What are new changes that are going to occur in the payment system?

Join Kaushik Pandey, Global Head – Compliance and Testing Services at SISA for detailed insights on RBI’s CBDC announcement, its impact on the payment ecosystem, and top cybersecurity concerns with respect to CBDC.

Key Takeaways:

  • Trends observed in Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) – [Ex- China’s – Renminbi, Singapore’s- Ubin, Canada’s Project Jasper, Digital Euro in the European region]
  • Decoding India’s Plan on CBDC [Fintech Dept, Union Budget 2022]
  • Impact of Central Bank Digital Currencies – Mini Case Study
  • Addressing cybersecurity concerns with respect to CBDC


Kaushik Pandey
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