pci-software-security-standards-s3- framework-an-evolution-away-from-pa-dss

PCI Software Security Standards Framework, an evolution away from PA DSS

About the webinar

As the payment landscape is transforming, the best security practices and procedure needs to be followed to be and remain compliant for cardholders data security. The PCI Software Security Standards (S3) Framework is an evolution away from being just PA-DSS validation to an overall solution for payment application developers.

The webinar provides insight into Why What and When of PCI Software Security Standards (S3) Framework.

Since the launch of PA DSS in 2011, there has been a significant transformation in the payment application landscape. With the advancement in technology, several new methods are innovated to accept payments. This innovation has raised the need to safeguard transactions against potential data breaches and attacks. But, there is no Security Standard that can address the security concerns in both traditional applications and modern payment software along with respective development practices. Keeping the priority of safeguarding the present-day payment applications with an objective approach, PCI SSC has launched The Software Security Standards (S3) Framework. The goal of the PCI Software Security Standards (S3) Framework is to provide application software with better security controls and ensure that the application vendors are using a better set of software security tools, ensuring data security throughout the life cycle.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gain knowledge on how PCI Software Security Standards (S3) can secure applications throughout their life cycle right from the development.
  • Understand the benefits of PCI Software Security Standards Framework to a variety of payment application stakeholders (software developers, payment application vendors, merchants, and software companies).
  • Learn how the framework is different from and important beyond PA DSS.
  • Know how the transition from PA DSS will take place over time and how to set yourself ready for the transition.
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