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Panel Discussion: Application Security in Payments World; is it different?

About the Panel Discussion

Security is a fundamental requirement for payment related applications. As businesses reinvent themselves and digitize their payment ecosystems, cyber-threat and security concerns continue to rise at breakneck speed as well.

Threat actors continue to target payment applications, leading to large amounts of data – company, employee and customer – being at risk.

To avoid a potential breach, organizations need to focus on developing the appropriate security architecture to ensure confidentiality and privacy.

A few key aspects that organizations need to focus on, to strengthen application security are:

  • Application access control based on least privilege principles
  • Effective management of changes in application and authorization
  • Evaluation of application security with penetration testing and secure code review.


Watch our panel discussion on ‘Application Security in Payments World; is it different?’ and gain in-depth insights on application security techniques and best practices that can help dramatically decrease the risk of a compromise.


Dharshan Shanthamurthy - CEO
Pravin Kumar - CISO, Wibmo


Prajwal Ramakrishne - SISA
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