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December 22, 2022

Data Privacy trends in 2023 & their impact on data security strategy

Join SISA for an engaging and interactive Webinar on Top 5 Data Privacy trends to watch out for in 2023 with leading industry experts

Payment Security Landscape: Trends, Challenges & Learnings
November 02, 2022

Payment Security Landscape: Trends, Challenges & Learnings

Catch the latest insights on Payment Security Landscape: Trends, Challenges & Learnings presented by Renju Varghese, VP- Forensics & R&D, SISA as part of a virtual session - Axis Bank Partner Connect Meet – 2022, organized by Axis Bank ISS Unit.

September 07, 2022

Panel Discussion: Application Security in Payments World; is it different?

Security is a fundamental requirement for payment related applications. As businesses reinvent themselves and digitize their payment ecosystems, cyber-threat and security concerns continue to rise at breakneck speed as well.

June 22, 2022

Outsmart Ransomware with SISA’s Key Prevention and Response Strategies

While no organization is 100% immune to cyber attacks, every organization needs to take the right steps to reduce the penetration and its repercussions in case of an attack.

May 10, 2022

PCI DSS 4.0 – A Transformational and Technology Driven Future for Payments

PCI DSS 4.0 officially launched to enable financial services stay compliant and maintain true security in an ever-changing risk landscape.

April 06, 2022

Fireside Chat on PCI DSS 4.0: A Paradigm Shift to Continuous Compliance, Customization, and More

PCI DSS 4.0 officially launched to enable financial services stay compliant and maintain true security in an ever-changing risk landscape. The updated standard supports a range of new payment environments, technologies, and methodologies.

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March 16, 2022

Reinventing Indian Financial Ecosystem with Cryptocurrencies | A Cyber Security Approach

India is on a global path of shaping the way the world performs digital transactions which makes the adoption of digital currencies a necessity, resulting in the recognition of virtual digital assets in Union Budget 2022.

February 15, 2022

Data Protection – 5 real-time challenges businesses need to be prepared for.

The Indian Personal Data Protection Bill has undergone significant amendments, modifications, and recommendations over the years since it was first introduced.

January 20, 2022

RBI’s Tokenisation Circular Latest Update – What do you need to know?

To secure online card transactions, RBI's guidelines (September 2021) mandated the adoption of CoF (card-on-file) Tokenisation and prohibited merchants from storing customer card details with effect from January 1st, 2022.


What is Apache Log4j vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228) and how it can impact you?

The recently identified vulnerability in Apache Log 4J 2 has impacted countless servers, putting widely used applications and cloud services at risk. Log4j2 is a ubiquitous library used by millions for Java applications. The vulnerability, ...


Fireside Chat with Jeff on Ransomware Resiliency

Ransomware attacks surged by 148% compared to the previous year and continue to be the biggest risk. As ransomware families becoming more sophisticated, cybersecurity stakeholders are believed to be under pressure on whether to pay ...


Panel Discussion: Decoding RBI’s Circular on Tokenisation

In an attempt to make payment card transactions secure and safe while maintaining customer convenience, RBI has recently released a circular on Tokenisation for Card Transactions. According to the guidelines of RBI, no entity in ...


ISACA Singapore: Improving Resilience with Rapid Attack Remediation and Cyber Risk Management

Experts say that detecting, containing and remediating cyber attacks is taking longer than usual because of the complexity of breaches and varying attack patterns. Hence, it is crucial to manage the risk and improve cyber ...


Panel Discussion: Breaking Down Data Leaks and Data Security

Billions of data records exist in unsecured databases, endpoints, and email servers across the enterprise perimeter - exposing sensitive and confidential information to cyber attackers. This issue quadruples as identification of insider threats continues to ...


Panel Discussion: Addressing the Rising Risk in Mobile and Internet Banking

The Digital revolution has changed how consumers are banking in Africa with mobile & internet banking adoption. With this rise, cybercriminals and fraudsters have found their way in breaking vulnerabilities in mobile banking technology. Watch ...


Webinar: MAS Revised Guidelines for Risk Management – Get Compliant and Stay Resilient

The sensitive data transmission during a financial transaction is the key reason behind financial institution data breaches. According to a report, the total number of breached records in the first quarter of 2021 for the ...


Panel Discussion: Decoding RBI instructions on Card Payments Security

If you are a regulated entity then complying to RBI guidelines should not confuse you. In fact, RBI states that regulated entities shall follow payment card standards such as PCI PIN and P2PE. Watch this ...


Webinar: New RBI Guidelines – How it Affects Payment Gateways and Aggregators

Cyber incidents are an increasingly significant cost burden for the financial services industry. According to Data Breach Investigations Report 2021, phishing and ransomware attacks in the financial services sector have increased by 10-12%, which is ...


USA Webinar: Why Discovering Your Sensitive Data is More Important Than Ever?

885 million users' sensitive records including bank account and social security numbers were leaked in a data breach involving a reputed American financial services company. What are you doing to protect sensitive data? The threat ...

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SAARC Webinar: Why Discovering Your Sensitive Data is More Important Than Ever?

In yet another data breach, 3.25 lakh records of an India-based wallet including emails, phone numbers, bank details, and PAN numbers were exposed on the Dark Web. The Indian cybersecurity fraternity wonders, “What is the ...

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Webinar: Threat Hunting – A Quick Guide for Analyzing Dynamic Threat Environments

With the new types of cyber threats looming, added by the evaporation of IT boundaries, the effectiveness of traditional security axioms has reduced. Boards and senior management often ask their cybersecurity teams, “Are you noticing ...

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Webinar: RBI Master Direction for Financial Institutions: Get your assessment done.

The Reserve Bank of India released a Master Direction that highlights robust security governance controls to ensure adequate cybersecurity preparedness among banks, financial services and other entities participating in the payments space. Many organizations are ...

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Webinar: Why Discovering Your Sensitive Data is More Important Than Ever?

On July 20, 2020, an unsecured server of a search software company exposed the sensitive data belonging to 60,000 customers. What is the reason of such breaches involving the exposure of sensitive data? Here’s just ...

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Webinar: Staying Resilient to Breaches and Ensuring PCI-DSS Compliance

Most banking and financial institutions across Asia and especially Cambodian market who have been handling sensitive customer data/PII, have been exposed to major cyberattacks since the pandemic in 2020. Notably, these data breaches have given ...

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PCI SSF is replacing PA DSS. What’s your next step?

The deadline is closing in! It’s until 30 June 2021 that the submission of new payment applications for PA-DSS validation will be accepted. The PA-DSS standard, moreover, will be closed officially on 28 October 2022 ...

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RBI’s Master Direction on Digital Payment Security Controls – Panel Discussion

Reserve Bank of India recently published the Master Direction on Digital Payment Security Controls. It provides necessary guidelines for the Regulated Entities (Scheduled Commercial Banks, Small Finance Banks, Payment Banks, and Credit Card issuing NBFCs) ...

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Preventing Human Errors in Cybersecurity

Many CIOs, security architects and information security leaders have asked us, “Is there a way to mitigate insider threat? Why didn’t our cybersecurity awareness training work?” We are answering their questions on this webinar.Up to ...

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5 Power Tips to Ensure Cloud Security in 2021

2020 was an unpredictable year for adopters of cloud, so we’re here to help you reimagine the methods of protecting data and applications on the cloud - and align security controls to emerging regulatory requirements in 2021. Companies continued to swarm ...

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The Top 10 Cybersecurity Stories of 2020 | Lessons We Learnt

There is no doubt, as the new year starts, that 2020 has been quite the year of digital menace as cybersecurity is concerned. Let us take a look back at the 10 biggest cyberattacks that ...

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Preventing a Ransomware Attack Is Within Our Reach

Participants will discover insights on the anatomy of a ransomware attack, how they are impacting businesses of various sizes, and what companies can do to proactively prevent ransomware attacks. According to Cybersecurity Venture report, a ...

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Cyber risk is everywhere. Where to look and what to look for?

Across the world, companies are responding to the new normal by going digital and allowing employees to work remotely. This has moved Cybersecurity’s sight outside of the regular, centralized corporate firewall – into the open ...

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Exploring PCI Software Security Standards Framework

With increasing digital payments and constantly evolving software development processes, methods to secure payment applications must also develop. Keeping in mind, the swift trends in the payment application usage, PCI SSC has introduced PCI Software ...

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SISA’s Top 5 Forensic Driven Learnings – Report Launch and Panel Discussion

We invite you to join our panel discussion, “SISA’s Top 5 Forensic Driven Learnings” and the release of SISA Top 5 Learnings by Mrs. Rama Vedhashree, CEO, DSCI, and Mr. Dharshan Shanthamurthy, CEO, SISA. With ...

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The Complete Guide to Strengthen Incident Response Plan: Mitigating the Current Day Threats

The recent shift in working style to remote working has become an opportunity for threat actors to exploit vulnerabilities on the endpoints of remote working agents. Since the start of January 2020, the news of ...

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Tackling End-Point Security Risks with Risk Assessment

Protecting sensitive data from threat actors has never been an easy task for organizations. Threat actors constantly recon for gaps and vulnerabilities in the security layers of an organization to attack and harvest data. Recent ...

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CyberSec Code Black – MDR to Rescue

Remote working has become the new normal today. With the immense benefits of remote working, a majority of employees are opting to work from home. Like a coin with two sides, remote working has its ...

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Work-from-Home: Implications & Strategies to Remain Compliant with PCI Standards

The corporate world is transcending the boundaries of the globe and leveraging the benefits of a borderless workforce with remote working. Organizations are allowing their employees to work remotely or work from home by connecting ...

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The Jack of Payment Card Industry – PCI PIN Security

Today, Point of Sale (POS) devices and ATM terminals are everywhere. Cardholders can enter a 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) to authenticate themselves and withdraw cash or retrieve bank account information. When Cardholders swipe their ...

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Evolving Payment Security Standards – Expectation and Implications

Electronic payments have witnessed a significant revolution over the past two decades. PCI SSC has been working diligently to update the security standards that could address payment security trends and fight against cyber threats. The ...

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PCI Software Security Standards Framework, an evolution away from PA DSS

As the payment landscape is transforming, the best security practices and procedure needs to be followed to be and remain compliant for cardholders data security. The PCI Software Security Standards (S3) Framework is an evolution ...

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Lessons Learned from Data Breaches in 2018

The webinar provides an insight in payment data breaches investigated by SISA in 2018 and details out the common ingress points, lateral movement, and egress of a compromised environment and covers an extensive view on ...

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Nine Yards of PCI PIN Security Requirements

PCI PIN Security Requirements provides guidelines on protecting PIN during offline and online transactions in ATM’s and POS terminals. During the course of this webinar we give you a quick overview of PCI PIN Security ...

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How to secure Mobile Payment Application

Developing mobile application and bringing new features to your mobile application, improving user experience is important. But what about the security of your mobile application? As mobile application processes more sensitive data, whether it be ...

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Integrating PCI Compliance with HIPAA

PCI DSS is applicable for anyone who stores, process or transmit sensitive payment card data and have specific sets of requirements. HIPAA has much wider scope and covers all entities which stores or has access ...

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Decoding Key Management for PCI DSS

Encryption key management is vital in securing enterprise data storage in any organization. Regulatory Compliance requirements and recent high profile data losses emphasize further the need for an efficient key management process in organizations. This ...

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Risk Analysis for HIPAA: Tool for Optimal Security

Risk analysis process becomes a critical factor in achieving HIPAA compliance and protecting PHI. Contrary to popular belief, Risk assessment can be used as a tool to reduce compliance cost and optimize security when it’s ...

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