Certification - CSPAI

The CSPAI, Certified Security Professional for Artificial Intelligence certificate is awarded to those who prove to have deep knowledge of the foundational concepts of generative AI, its training process, common applications, using AI for cybersecurity, and securing AI systems upon attempting the exam.

Eligibility Criteria:

Those who wish to apply and challenge the CSPAI exam must fulfil the below eligibility criteria:

  • Option 1: Applicant must possess min 2 years of experience in an Information Security-related full-time role or AI/ML-related full-time role that can be verified
  • Option 2: Applicant must have attended the 16-hour CSPAI workshop.
  • Option 3: Applicant must have attended an equivalent formal training of minimum 16 hours which covers topics as listed in the exam blueprint

Exam Details:

  • Total Time: 1 hour
  • Total no of questions: 50
  • Passing Criteria: 56%

The exam will test your knowledge on the below topics:

  1. Evolution of Gen AI and Its Impact
  2. Using Gen AI for Improving the Security Posture
  3. Improving SDLC efficiency using Gen AI
  4. Models for Assessing Gen AI
  5. AIMS & Privacy Standards: ISO 42001 and ISO 27563
  6. Securing AI Models and Data
Certification Relevance: This certification is recommended for Information security professionals, security analysts and higher management from industries such as: Payment Gateways and Service Providers, Banking, eCommerce & mCommerce merchants and retailers, IT & ITES.
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