QIIB awarded prestigious Certification (PCI-DSS) for excelling in Information Security

For the sixth consecutive year, QIIB has been awarded the highest certification in information security and protection of bank cards data- Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), granted by SISA Company to banking institutions with the best security standards and protection for their customers’ information.

QIIB’s award of this certification coincides with the tremendous progress made by the bank during the last few years in the field of digital transformation. This attaches additional importance, given the bank’s investment in its digital solutions in parallel with its increased investment in security and protection solutions for all its operations and customers’ information and investment in combating cybercrime, hacking and electronic fraud.

On the occasion, Mr. Mohammad Jamil Ahmad Hammad Chief Risk Officer at QIIB stated that: “QIIB’s award of the (PCI-DSS) certification for the sixth consecutive year reflects our continuous investment in cybersecurity solutions and adoption of the best known technology in the banking sector to provide our customers with a highly secure banking environment”.

He pointed out, “QIIB is making great efforts to achieve, maintain and improve the required standards in the field of information security, be it in terms of software, infrastructure, training, qualification or attraction of qualified experts to do their work properly”.

Mr. Hammad affirmed that with the increasing experience in the field of cybersecurity, QIIB is extending bridges of cooperation with various institutions and participants to protect customer data of all nature.

“And the bank has intensified its investment in this aspect and will continue to rely on the most important solutions adopted by the market globally in order to maintain the prominent position that we have in the field of information security.”

Mr. Hammad expressed his thanks and appreciation to SISA, the leader in information security and customer data protection for granting QIIB this PCI-DSS Certification, stressing that the bank will continue to work closely with the company in order to benefit from its expertise in the field of cybersecurity and customer data protection, in line with the best global banking standards.

Mr. Dharshan Shanthamurthy, CEO and founder of SISA, commented on QIIB’s award of the (PCI-DSS) certification for the sixth time in a row stating that: “We congratulate QIIB on maintaining this level of customer data protection and on earning a PCI-DSS certification, which is one of the most important internationally-recognised standards in data security. We are confident that the bank will remain a leader in information security, given its long-term investment in technology dedicated to this purpose”.

QIIB was established in 1990 as the second Islamic bank in Qatar and is currently the third largest Islamic bank listed on the Qatar Stock Exchange in terms of assets and market value.

The Bank started operations in 1991, providing integrated banking services to its customers through a network of branches across Qatar.

It has several regional and international partnerships and was able to develop advanced technological infrastructure and alternative channels, taking its banking services to the next level.

Source: This article was first published on QIIB website.