DSCI and SISA unveils cyber report on ‘MXDR – A New Paradigm for Cyber Defense’

Data Security Council of India and SISA, a forensics-driven cybersecurity solutions company for the payments industry, launch MXDR.

Mumbai, March 7th, 2024: Data Security Council of India and SISA, a forensics-driven cybersecurity solutions company for the payments industry, launched a report, ‘MXDR – A New Paradigm for Cyber Defense’. 

The paper highlights the pressing challenges faced by organisations to manage security and introduces Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) as a potential solution capable of addressing the complex web of security vulnerabilities in the increasingly interconnected digital world. The report is an initiative to redefine the approach to cyber defense.

The collaboration between DSCI and SISA emphasizes on the critical necessity for cohesive action and shared insights across the cybersecurity landscape, encompassing regulatory frameworks and industry standards. This partnership is particularly crucial for mid-market organizations dealing with intricate IT infrastructures and limited resources. Navigating sensitive data management and regulatory compliance amid extensive network and cloud operations can be challenging, and MXDR can serve as a viable solution.

About DSCI

Data Security Council of India (DSCI) is a not-for-profit, industry body on data protection in India, setup by NASSCOM®, committed towards making the cyberspace safe, secure and trusted by establishing best practices, standards and initiatives in cyber security and privacy. DSCI works together with the Government and their agencies, law enforcement agencies, industry sectors including IT-BPM, BFSI, CII, Telecom, industry associations, data protection authorities and think tanks for public advocacy, thought leadership, capacity building and outreach initiatives.

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