Leading BPO Transforms Its Application Security Approach, Forever

A leading BPO that transforms its application security approach, using penetration and regression testing, was able to introduce automation to eliminate manual errors and deliver security testing at 2x speed.

Following a digital transformation initiative in the front facing enterprise applications, the BPO company specializing in customer engagement and business performance, our customer, faced the challenge of delivering domain specific quality assurance for ensuring regulatory compliance. This meant, the BPO company wasn’t able to set its applications for regulatory compliance through quality management and, as a result, didn’t deliver at the speed of changes appearing in the development of the products.

The client’s 5 critical products were experiencing poor quality security testing outcomes and prolonged certification process.

Much like how SISA helped a healthcare company use Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) to identify the gaps in the architecture, the testing team collaborated with the IT automation team at the BPO company to help them mitigate all the issues within no time.

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Case Study - Leading BPO Transforms Its Application Security Approach
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