Hong-Kong based Insurance MNC Leverages SISA Radar to Reinforce Sensitive Data Discovery and Classification

One of the world’s leading insurance companies, headquartered in Hong Kong, confronted challenges while scanning its network for PCI and PII data. Terabytes of data present in storage devices, databases, and cloud platforms spread across the dynamic environment made data identification and remediation a complex task for the insurance company.

SISA Radar – SISA’s Data Discovery and Classification tool helped the multinational corporation simplify the scanning process with minimum impact on its systems and low CPU usage. By implementing AI & ML features and a customized algorithm, SISA Radar helped minimize the frequency of false positives with improved accuracy while scanning.

By leveraging SISA Radar to streamline its sensitive data discovery and classification, the insurance company successfully met the PCI DSS Compliance requirements. It was also able to discover and remediate the card data present in various file formats, including PDFs and images, with an 80% reduction in manual efforts.


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Case Study-Hong-Kong based Multinational Insurance Corporation Leverages SISA Radar
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