PCI DSS Controls for Work from Home setup

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The COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) pandemic’s outbreak has lead global organizations to work from home to keep employees safe from infection while meeting the operational requirements. Many organizations are leveraging remote working and disseminating business-critical data over a variety of channels, outside their security networks.

With an enormous shift in the number of remote working employees, researchers have been identifying quite a few malicious dark web activities in the name of COVID-19. Threat actors are pretending to be legitimate and trying to harvest sensitive data via phishing, spam emails, and click baits.

In the current situation, there is a need for organizations to understand the security risks that arise during remote working amid the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic. It is also imperative to take necessary precautions to secure endpoints of remote working agents from intrusion.

The advisory addresses the security challenges posed by work from home setup and vulnerabilities that arise on the endpoints of work from home agents. It also lists down the PCI DSS controls, to be implemented to mitigate each variety of vulnerabilities.

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Advisory - PCI DSS Controls for Work from Home setup
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