Panther Ransomware

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Ransomware continues to be the most dangerous threat vector of 2020. Recently, security researchers detected another new ransomware strain ‘.panther file virus’, sneaking into organizations’ internal systems and locking critical data files.

The malware was first identified in the last weeks of March 2020, and now in July, it is seen targeting Asian data-driven organizations. The malware was found to add .panther file extension to the encrypted files and leave a ransom note, demanding cryptocurrency to unlock the compromised files.

The advisory covers the in-depth background of “.panther” file encrypting malware.

Read SISA’s advisory to understand the history, background, and the recent developments concerning panther ransomware. The advisory gives complete details about the Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) of panther and elaborates on techniques to detect and respond to the malware to minimize the impacts.

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Advisory - Panther Ransomware
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