Clop Ransomware: Don’t Think It Can Happen to You?

Threat-a-licious Ransomware cover

Records are made to be broken. The Cryptomix Clop ransomware took this seriously as it stepped up in October 2020 to demand a whopping 20+ million-dollar ransom from one of the largest software companies in the world. That’s not all. It has improved over time and was recently noticed in the wild going after top executives to pressure businesses into paying.

The main objective of Clop is to encrypt all files in an enterprise and demand a ransom to decrypt the affected files. However, the newfound techniques used for such acts do appear innovative among many other cyberattacks.

This security advisory by SISA answers a few critical questions about the Clop ransomware:

  • What is Ransomware?
  • What is CLOP Ransomware?
  • How is Clop Ransomware Transmitted?
  • How Does the Clop Ransomware Infect Systems?
  • What is the Potential Impact of a Successful Clop Ransomware Attack?
  • What are the malicious domains?
  • What can be some definitive mitigation and response solutions?


The editorial team at SISA Information Security hopes that by leveraging this advisory, organizations will be armed with the necessary awareness and knowledge to protect their environments from ransomwares like Clop.

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Advisory - Clop Ransomware
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