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Why to integrate PCI DSS and HIPAA?

Both PCI DSS and HIPAA lays down penalty conditions in case of breach of data, but it should be noted that HIPAA is a U.S government regulation while PCI is dictated by the Security Standards Council formed by five major payment brands.

There are many common controls, which are later explained in this article that overlap these two standards.

An American healthcare MNC strengthened its data security policy by integrating Data Discovery and Classification with DLP solutions

Our relentless focus on True Security

True Security, one of the core values of SISA, guides our compliance services to deliver high quality audits and assessments. In doing so, we go beyond tick-box approaches to help you comply with regulatory standards while strengthening your security posture in an agile manner.
We have integrated new workflows and enhanced methodologies that address our customers’ virtual audit requirements.
Take a risk-based, agile approach to achieve regulatory compliance
FAQ on Data Discovery and Data Classification
CCPA Compliance

Helping companies locate personal data and streamline risk management to shorten time to achieve CCPA compliance.

CPRA Compliance

SISA offers full suite of technological and risk management solutions to enable businesses to protect consumer rights.

HIPAA Compliance

SISA takes care of the complicated legal and technical work across the HIPAA compliance lifecycle of healthcare firms.

PCI Compliance

Helping businesses secure sensitive payments data and ensure compliance with PCI DSS, PIN and other PCI standards.

What we do

PCI Compliance Services

Our strong relationship with PCI Security Standards Council enables us to secure the payments data of our clients while helping them comply with all major PCI regulatory standards.

Risk and Compliance Services

We combine our industry expertise and functional experience to deliver risk and compliance services across major local and global regulatory standards.

Who we work with

We work with more than 2000 clients in 40 countries, from start-ups to multinationals across banking and financial services, healthcare, IT/BPOs, and other sectors to help them meet their regulatory compliance needs.
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Being one of the top 4 Payment Forensic Investigators, we have a long legacy of working with world’s some of the biggest and most innovative banks.

Our compliance services focus on helping them strengthen their cybersecurity posture while improving resilience.

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