Security andand Compliance Training

Our security trainings help payment security practitioners and organizations with practical knowledge and skills to outsmart threats by proactively recognizing and avoiding them.

Explore forensic-led cybersecurity training programmes and keep your skills sharp and ready

Being a PCI QSA company and core Payments Forensics Investigator (PFI) for more than a decade, SISA created unique training modules, including the learnings from industry to make information security professionals more efficient.

SISA’s exclusive workshops and training give a broad perspective of various high-level standards of the payment industry, risk assessment procedures and Incident Response skills.

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Our Training Programs

Payment Data Security Implementation Programs

Being a pioneer in payment security excellence, SISA has curated payment security training & implementation workshops, to help individuals scale with the data security standards and incorporate learnings from data breaches.

Security Incident Detection and Response Programs Learning Sessions

From security professionals to senior management executives, we equip key security custodians with forensic learnings and skills to understand the threat landscape and proactively address any cyber risks.

Boost your role in protecting the organization

Believing in true security and not just compliance, SISA provides a unique set of cybersecurity awareness training and workshops. We aim to bring in the difference and make the world a secure place by spreading payment security awareness.

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