Data Security and Protection Solutions

Protect enterprise data and meet security regulations. All our data security products and solutions are advisory- and risk-based to help you secure sensitive data across its lifecycle spanning multiple environments.

Panel Discussion: Breaking Down Data Leaks and Data Security

Billions of data records exist in unsecured databases, endpoints, and email servers across the enterprise perimeter – exposing sensitive and confidential information to cyber attackers.

This issue quadruples as identification of insider threats continues to be one of the biggest security challenges posing Information Security Managers, Data Security Experts, Data Privacy Managers, and Compliance teams.

Learn the Xs and Os of a good data security and leakage prevention playbook.

Integrated, automated, and architected-in data security

Across the complete IT infrastructure of your organization, we help you uncover vulnerabilities and mitigate risks. Whether a one-time requirement or managed engagement for security testing, SISA provides detailed vulnerability reports and specific recommendations to enhance your security posture.
Data Discovery and Classification Tool SISA Radar
Helping organizations to improve data protection with data discovery, file analysis and classification of structured and semi-structured sensitive data.
Data Discovery as a Service
Continuously gain a deeper insight into your sensitive data security status and proactively classify and remediate sensitive data to stay ready for regulatory compliance.
Remote Workforce Compliance Management Tool SISA Empower
Next-generation security analytics tool that empowers your employees to be compliant with corporate policies when accessing sensitive applications and data.

Case Studies

Data Classification: A necessity to secure your business
According to a recent CISO/CIO survey that looked at cyber security challenges in large financial services companies, 45 percent of respondents have seen cyber security attacks rise since the pandemic began. Thus, to secure sensitive data, it is an imperative for organizations to invest in robust data security solutions that begin with data classification.
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Data Discovery for Securing Sensitive Data on the Cloud
Many CIOs and CTOs are always looking for answers on how to discover and protect sensitive data on the cloud and what are the traits of a good data discovery tool. All such questions answered – right here.
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Take a consultative approach to securing data

The key to securing crown jewels lies in the process of identification of sensitive data and classifying it.

Engage with thought leaders and distinguished data privacy experts who have worked with hundreds of businesses to help implement world class data security and protection solutions.

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